Shannon Weiberg

Shannon Weiberg

Chef, Sorrisi

Chef Shannon Weiberg is the Chef at Sorrisi.

With 25 years of restaurant experience, Weiberg has held positions in Kingsland, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida. He has owned and operated his own highly successful restaurant and for the past four years has been the 1st Street Deli Chef.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Chicago, Weiberg is a Johnson & Wales graduate. After moving to South Florida, he was able to include a variety of cultural cuisines in his everyday cooking styles, which included Latin and Caribbean flair.

Weiberg credits his time working for a very successful restauranteur in the Florida Keys – Chef/Owner Joe Walsh – as a career molding experience. He used it as springboard to open a restaurant with his wife which quickly attracted positive media attention.  

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