12th Annual Brazilian Festival

Ticket Prices: $20 - $100
  • Saturday, October 28 | Noon - 11:00PM
    The Stage at Coco

This highly anticipated festival, renowned for its rich heritage, captivating performances, and electrifying ambiance will excite guests with a mesmerizing journey filled with breathtaking music, dance, gastronomy, and a kaleidoscope of Brazilian traditions.

The event will provide an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Guests will be able to immerse themselves in the vibrant rhythms of samba, forro, pagode, country, reggae and pop, the seductive moves of capoeira, and the hypnotic beats of traditional Brazilian music, expertly curated to transport guests to the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro.

The excitement doesn't stop there. Guests can indulge their taste buds in an exquisite culinary adventure, tantalizing their palates with authentic Brazilian delicacies, including feijoada, coxinha, pão de queijo, and more.

Beyond the captivating performances and tantalizing flavors, the Annual Brazilian Festival is a celebration of unity, diversity, and community spirit. It serves as a testament to the unwavering bond between the Brazilian diaspora and the Florida community, fostering cultural exchange and creating lasting connections.

For more information, exhibition spaces, donations, sponsorships, and the full lineup click here.

Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (786) 584-9034